Our Approach

Feeding our Community

Each year, through the support of donations and community partners, we assemble food baskets for members of our community who have a need for a little bit of help at Christmastime. We provide a turkey and a box of food so that everyone can have a Christmas feast. Some years, depending on donations, we also provide presents for the children of families. The more we get, the more we give.

Our Story

Supporting Healthy Youth

Youth athletics are an excellent start to healthy, successful adults. The UVFA supports our healthy young people who wish to take part in athletics. We sponsor youth teams and can help exceptional young people travelling to championships and tournaments abroad.

Supporting the Umatilla Rural Fire Protection District

The URFPD has always been composed of mostly volunteer responders. These men and women give selflessly to risk their lives on any given day to help save lives and property in our community. They need someone willing to support them; that's where the UVFA comes in. We work with very closely with the URFPD to support their efforts. Most of the volunteers of the URFPD are also members of our organization, giving even more.

We support them through whatever means they may require. We can provide food and water for long incidents. We can provide various equipment and supplies to help the URFPD. And we can help to cover the costs associated with training and service opportunities of the members of the URFPD.

Our most important mission is supporting the community in conjunction with the Fire District. The Fire District wants a healthy, successful community and through our other programs we support those goals.

Join Us...

We're dedicated to helping out in the community, but we need your help. Please, if you can, join us and help us to help others.